”Your object of desire”. A jewel, a treasure, worthy of honor, preserved.

Who, and what we are?

It’s hard to imagine that until now, skin colored underwear for brown skinned girls has not been a thing – with all the shades and tones of melanin-rich goddesses walking this African continent. This is why this brand is for US. Brown skinned girls – beautiful in every shade.


Join the Gugu Intimates Community and stay up to date with our new launches, where we’ll be popping up near you and how you can take your confidence to new levels. Because if you can match your makeup to your beautiful brown skin, why can’t you match your underwear?

So we exist to fulfill one MISSION – to adorn brown skinned girls in beautiful, premium quality underwear that complements your skin tone no matter what shade you are. Starting with our Basic range landing April 2017, the struggle to find underwear in your skin tone ends here.

“I started this brand to start a movement pro-brown skin. Not against anything else, but creating a product that can give confidence to women like me who have not felt represented in the shades of underwear that we can wear under white or sheer clothing. And I strongly believed from the start that, if meaningful solutions to problems that affect us as (black) women are to be – it will be because we have come together to do to for ourselves.”


– Gugu Nkabinde. Founder and CEO

Our retail partner

The Space, Harare
3 Tyward Close, Ballantyne Park, Harare, Zimbabwe
(+263) 78 244 5566

The Covid-19 ‘adventure’ changed the world for all of us. Welcome to the New Normal. This means that Gugu Intimates retails solely online except for select Retail and Event Pop Up Features in 2021 when things are more certain. We have enabled multi-platform relationships to allow you to still access your favorite nudes:

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The morning greets you

And the day smiles just to receive you

Beautiful and brown like creation

Like the world’s very first beginning


In the present,

You’re the gift that keeps on giving

Part sister warmth/ part mother wisdom


In the span of your strut and the expanse of your gaze

You are a vessel of melanin that slays

In this body,

Your body

Each body



Word to becoming

Word to celebrating limbs and flesh,

How they love, how they move

Elewa – that bronzed hue, precedes you

Your colour whispered by the sun itself

Amara – You own the light of the world, don’t you?

You radiate a new story

Buhle – A glory that they hold onto hope to discover, but you know

None can replicate this inner-glow

Girl, GO

Be bold

Zuri – Your beauty is a luminous treasure

They may try, but can never measure

Runako – Who you are

Is its own echelon, only understood by spirits who are in tune

To the frequency of the gods dancing divine within you

Amara – You

Gorgeous and important

Setting the world ablaze with a spirit

Beaming brilliance from a dazzling height In this body,

Your body

Each body